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4 Things to consider when hiring a tree surgeon.

Updated: May 28, 2020

Here we've made a non biased step by step guide in choosing the right tree surgeon for your project.

1. Do They Have Qualifications & Insurance.

This may seem an obvious one, but its surprising how many people don't ask for proof of these from the contractor. Many contractors say they are qualified and insured, but be sure to take them up on it and ask for proof. Unfortunately its very easy for insurances to run out, or for someone to be minimally qualified, and in a lot of cases tree surgeons fabricate their advertising by saying they have the relevant certification, but don't have any at all.

You have to ask yourself the question, "if something goes wrong and they damage my property (house, car, asset), are they covered with tree surgery specific insurance? or is it going to be me that has to pay potentially thousands of pounds out of my own pocket?.

So for your own sake, make sure its not the latter !


2. Judging experience.

The easiest way to judge how experienced a tree surgeon is, is by looking at their photos and checking their online reviews.

On the pictures you should see full personal protective equipment being used along with a clearly professional tools. For example, a clear no no would be a picture of someone using a hand saw stood on a ladder.

Try to stay clear of companies with bad or no reviews at all.


3. Is this company well equipped enough to complete my project to a high standard ?

Yes, it is possible a gardener can turn up with some steps and hedge shears and make a tidy job of your shrubs and small trees. But what about the bigger jobs that require top tier machinery to be completed safely and correctly. Specialist equipment is a must have for taking on those bigger jobs, or even just to get a more premium end result. A good tree surgeon will acquire this equipment and won't settle for less, because they know that to offer a premium need premium operatives with premium equipment.

This brings us onto our final step.


4. Should I shop around for the cheapest quote I can find ?

Shopping around for the cheapest tree surgeons quote is one of the worst things you can do in this industry. And that's because it's riddled with cowboy traders (under qualified con-artists). When you employ these companies, you instantly invite a high risk situation for yourself and your property.

The reason for the quote being cheap is because they have little to no overheads whatsoever. For example, a man and van has no machinery expenses to pay, no public liability insurance, no up to date qualifications, leaves the waste on your property, or more than likely fly tips or burns the waste afterwards. A good tree surgeon on the other hand has a lot of expenses to keep up with. Insurance premiums, qualifications, waste carrier licences, and a lot of equipment costs are just to name a few. This is why going for the cheapest quote you can find often ends with a sub par result.

On the other hand try to discern when someone is trying to fool you into paying far too much, or a tree surgeon who keeps adding onto the price as they are mid way through the job at hand. We hear countless stories of when a tree surgeon increases the quote halfway through a project, or fabricates an excuse as to why its going to now cost you more than originally agreed. To save yourself some potential hassle, always agree a price at the start. Then ask the contractor to write you up a detailed quote, so you have it writing before the work commences. This is normally sent by email along with insurance documents.

We hope this puts things into perspective when hiring a tree surgeon.


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