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What is a tree surgeon ?

Updated: May 28, 2020

To be a tree surgeon you must be able to acquire an array of skills, and perform most of them on a daily basis. Techniques and new best tree surgeon practices are to be learned for an entire tree surgeons career. Here's a list of the different skills a tree surgeon must be able to carry out in order to do their job to the best of their ability.

Tree surgeon skills.

  • Tree identification.

  • Climbing & working at height.

  • Knot tying.

  • Safe efficient use of small machinery (chainsaws, hedge trimmers etc).

  • Safe efficient use of large machinery (chippers, stump grinders, tractors, cherry pickers etc).

  • Working long hours under pressure.

  • Working in very hazardous environments.

  • Maintenance on all equipment.

  • Planning safe systems of work and identifying all possible risks.

A good tree surgeon will show good knowledge on how to optimise a trees health. This can be done when a tree surgeon performs a tree inspection and identifies any problems.

The tree surgeon should then be able to carry out the tasks to fix these problems.

Below we've made a list of the different procedures in the tree surgeon industry, so you can familiarise yourself with the different services a tree surgeon can offer you.

Tree surgeon services.

  • Tree removal, which includes working with heavy machinery such as cranes, tractors, winches, excavators.

  • Removing only the dead,damaged or crossing branches.

  • Crown reduction.

  • Crown thinning.

  • Crown lifting.

  • Dealing with storm damaged trees.

  • Stump grinding.

  • Tree planting.

  • Tree reports and assessing the health and potential risk.

We understand that these terms may be hard to understand, which is why we've written a blog post for you with pictures, purely explaining in more detail the different services a tree surgeon can offer you.

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